What do you mean “two more movies?”: ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,’ reviewed

It’s easy to rip bad movies when you aren’t emotionally invested in their success. It’s a lot harder when you love the source material, and to a lesser extent, the creative minds involved.

I really went into An Unexpected Journey with as little cynicism as possible. Despite my reservations toward production choices or the whole trilogy nonsense, I had faith Peter Jackson and his team of magical movie wizards could once again pull it off. Weirdly enough, tighter source material has led to a stretching of its filmic counterpart. An Unexpected Journey shows flashes of the old trilogy’s “lightning in a bottle” brand of movie magic, but it never lasts.

Just a short stumble? Let’s hope so. Click on through so we can feign naivete until ‘Elevensies’ together:

Hobbit Bilbo Baggins fireplace Gandalf promise i will come back


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