To Boldly Go Where Only Batman Has Gone Before

If you were bummed that last December’s Dark Knight Rises Prologue would be the final time you got a nice bonus for buying an IMAX ticket, you can take your negativity and stick it straight up your bum. With the impending Holiday release of the first of seven Hobbit films, a whole nine minute preview of Star Trek Into Darkness will play for moviegoers who fork up the ca$h for an IMAX 3D ticket or about $ 37.50.

Star Trek Into Darkness. I still feel like that’s missing a colon. Shouldn’t there be a colon? There should probably be a colon.

This is big news. Not only am I able to reference Warner Brothers, MGM, New Line, and now Paramount in the same sentence buuut I get to rub Batman stuff in everyone’s face again which is my favoritest of things to rub. Along with Iron Man 3, ‘Into Darkness’ looks to be one of the biggest releases for summer 2013 and Paramount is gittin’ right to the gettin’ on this. As far as I can tell, this will mark the first time a non-Batman-related preview plays before IMAX audiences. Then again, an insanely successful superhero franchise probably isn’t the best model to measure a potential box office boost from showing people nine minutes of your movie.

What I would hope is that this generates more buzz for the sequel while reinforcing the glaring inevitability that IMAX is a truly superior film format to standard screens and of course 3D. If forced at phaser point to choose which ticket price hike I’d rather live with in 2013, I’d shell out the extra bucks for IMAX in a heartbeat. It isn’t even close either, something a second viewing of Skyfall on a standard Marcus Theatres screen painfully screamed to me — to the point of noticeably downgrading my viewing experience. Oh poor baby.

This is obviously good news for anyone who got pissed at J.J. Abrams and his Conan O’Brien dupe back in October. Not funny you sonofabitch.

The even bigger news though, as I mentioned, is that this marks the first time a studio outside of Warner Bros. has explored with a prestige format for a sneak preview. If this takes off… who knows? To clarify, that’s not counting any peaks at nature documentaries or what have you. And if anyone out there can disprove me on this, please include a snarky, self-entitled comment below, but I used the 3 Google Boolean operators I know and found nothing else.


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