Would someone explain to Mr. Shyamalan where he can find the @ key?

Quick. Do a Google search for M. Night Shyamalan’s Twitter account. It should be right next to “twist endings” on recommendations.

Got it? Now check out his timeline. Don’t bother toggling the “All” and “No Replies” view options either. They’re exactly the same.


I’m not complaining about his lack of discretion. Taking issue with someone you follow on Twitter is a lot like calling them up and then getting mad when they talk to you. No, I’m not even annoyed; more amused. There’s an ‘old man’ kind of quality to this that’s fascinating, since it’s apparent he knows full well how to use most of Twitter’s features.

He can certainly retweet:


Terrible “apple twist vodka” puns aside, I find it rather strange to see the man’s conversations played out in the Twittersphere (I think that’s a thing). Shyamalan’s responses are never directed at the respective account. They remain nested within the Newsfeed like everything else.


Then again, a part of me thinks he’s fully aware of what he’s doing and that this is nothing like my dad forgetting how to login into Yahoo! Mail every other day. For starters, check the dates on those RTs. Not all that current, which tells me he’s hand selecting them. Oh, and the content all generally pertains to After Earth, his forthcoming film with Will Smith as “Cypher Raige.” Yeah, I dunno either. What I do know is that this is smart marketing on Shyamalan’s part. When he’s not making himself look like a good guy, he’s shoving the #AfterEarth hashtag into the trending topics section. He got me to blog about it, and I’m not much of a fan.

Better make that two celebratory shots next time, Mr. Shyamalan.


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