Weekly Recap 8/26 – 9/1

Vacations are nice until the realization you’ve worn the same shorts four days straight. Oh sure, everyone’s laughing until that third tortilla chip binge goes south. In other words, this week was light on productivity.

8/26/12 The Rock (1996)

In a word? Awesome. If you’re interested in sentences though, click on ahead.

8/29/12 This Film is Not Yet Rated (2006)

This Film is Not Yet Rated reminds me of UW’s militant atheist brigade — dead set on its mission and convincing in its argument, but oblivious to its own blinders. Director Kirby Dick makes no qualms about his disdain for the MPAA, and the private investigation he finances is the film’s driving narrative. Some light post-viewing research reveals that Dick skims over any blame on the National Association of Theater Owners, an omission that belies the film’s intentions, especially since its final revelation shows how many of the film’s ‘accused’ hail from that very organization. This Film’s sloppy construction and grimy camcorder footage feel fitting for such a covert production. Objective this is not, but an enthralling indictment it remains.

8/31/12 Lawless (2012)

John Hillcoat’s Lawless is an entertaining deconstruction of local myth, and in a surprise to absolutely no one, Tom Hardy’s presence dominates the screen, even if his delivery apes Buffalo Bill’s marbly mumbles. LaBeouf presents a convincing case for his talent outside of summer blockbusters, and though a male-dominated film, Chastain and Wasikowska make the most of very limited roles. Guy Pearce’s brow-less (literally) Charlie Rakes is far too absurd as an eccentric fish out of water, but the bloodshed and violence fit right in nonetheless. In a disappointing August for major releases, one hopes Lawless is a sign of things to come, not the end of what came before.


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